Markinvest’s certification consultancy services for Finnish & Swedish exporters

Free advice service for Finns and Swedes

Contact us now, if you need information about certification or other requirements in respect of Russia or the Customs Union. You can send your queries by email. We will review them and be in contact thereafter.

Company specific certification training

Company-specific certification training can be conducted either remotely or in the workplace. 3-5 hours should be reserved for the training. The training will focus on the needs of your company but will also consider matters more broadly to enable participants to understand the wider picture of certification. Those attending will receive a certification of participation.

Certification preliminary investigation and report

The preliminary investigation is intended for companies which are planning to export and certify their products and to lay out the costs that will be incurred in advance. We will make an analysis of the client’s needs and provide details of certification options as well as an outline of all essential documents, tests and other procedures, needs and certificates. We will make a report of the certification process together with information of the costs involved.

Cost of certification preliminary investigation
In the event that cooperation is agreed between us, the cost of the preliminary investigation for certification will be refunded in full. Only translation and transport costs will be charged.

Technical Passport for machinery and equipment

Together with every machine or equipment a Technical Passport must be provided. It must be made in accordance with the GOST standards. We can make this for the product in question. Alternatively, we can check your company’s passport to ensure that it meets the GOST standard requirements.

Safety Case, basis for safety, in Russian and English

In connection with TR CU 010 and TR CU 032 certification, a company Safety Case is required. We can make this for your company. Alternatively, we can check your company’s own made Safety Case to ensure that it meets the requirements set out.

Instructions for use – in Russian and English

Every machine or equipment must have a Russian language user manual or instructions for use. If necessary we can make this – or check that your own produced instructions for use or user manual meet the requirments set out.

Communication with Customs, Customs brokers and end clients

Sometimes, it happens that things don’t go as they should and in these cases personal contacts can help in solving the problems.

Technical translations in Russian and English

All certification documents must be in Russian. As needed we can produce documents in both languages.

International business development – export to Russia and Kazakhstan

Markinvest consultancy services for Finnish and Swedish exporters for export to Russia:

  • benchmark
  • distribution and key client search
  • retail network search
  • project offers
  • public relations and certification

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