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Pekka Peltonen

+358 40 9000 322

Lahti, Finland

Andrey Uvarov

+358 40 9000 320

Lahti, Finland

Marina Baklanova

Saint Petersburg, Russia


Our core team includes Pekka, Andrey and Marina.

The company’s founder and current entrepreneur, Pekka Peltonen, lives in Finland again after several years in St. Petersburg.

Andrey Uvarov, originally from Moscow, currently lives in Vääksy, to the north of Lahti, Finland. Andrey has been part of the Markinvest team for over 10 years. Marina is from St. Petersburg (Leningrad) and now lives in St. Petersburg, Russia. Marina has worked for ZAO MarkInvest SPb and Markinvest Oy for 17 years.

The team is assembled on a project-by-project basis. Other professionals are invited to join us on the basis of competence needs and requirements, so our customers always have access to the best possible expertise and resources.

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