Green Attachmentsin Beginning exports to Russia

Green Attachments Oy has been operating in the Nordic and European region for many years, selling excavator accessories to the demolition and recycling sector. Russias enormous market potential has been known, of course, but no progress has ever been made to make inroads there. Our cooperation with Markivest began in the spring of 2020, notwithstanding the coronavirus and other undermining factors. We explored the market prospects and the need for certification and then set to work. Our cooperation has been seamless, representatives found, logistic chain created and certificates made. Their professional service and speedy actions were first class and we strongly recommend Markinvest as business partners.

Benjami Pitkasalo
CEO, Green Attachments Oy

Norgren Finland Oy – Project for product certification in Russia

We needed to obtain official Russian certification for a product that was for a project in our global energy operations in Russia. We contacted Markinvest regarding product certification. Markinvest described the process and the steps needed to obtain the required documentation very clearly. They offered to deal with the matter on a turnkey basis. Among other matters, the certification requirements included auditing of our production facilities in Mexico. Markinvest organized the audit in cooperation with the Russian rating agency and Norgrens Finnish and Russian sales companies. The entire certification project was handled efficiently and according to schedule. Markinvest has also taken care of the steps needed for certification updates. I am happy to recommend Markinvest’s services and expertise.

Timo Viitala
Country Sales Leader, Norgren Finland Oy

Lahti Precision Oy – Export of weighing components and equipment

Lahti Precision is the best partner in the Nordic countries for making demanding weighing, dosage and service solutions in industry. We have undergone a major overhaul in recent years and have been involved in the IOT revolution by digitizing the weighing process with the mScales weighing service. Decades of experience in weighing and dosage equipment combined with automation expertise ensure the delivery of efficient units to our customers. Lahti Precision delivers equipment and systems around the world either directly to end customers or through Finnish OEM customers. To Russia, for example, we have supplied plenty of belt scales, conveyors and glue kitchens, as well as several mortar factories.

The co operation between Lahti Precision and Markinvest started with a team meeting, where Markinvests experts talked about certification in general, measuring equipment, type approval processes and certificates, as well as calibration and inspection issues (subnets). Next, a certification project for belt scales was launched. Lahti Precision, together with Markinvest, prepared the EAC declaration and registration of belt scales. In connection with the certification, Markinvest prepared the Technical Passport, performed the required tests, checked the instructions for use and made the necessary technical translations.

As customs and other regulations regarding exports to Russia have undergone a sharp transformation in recent years, we approached Markinvest, which we knew to be an expert in Russian exports. The cooperation with them has worked smoothly and we have received the necessary support quickly and without any delays. We can recommend them as a suitable partner for both SMEs and larger companies to assist in Russian export and certification matters.

Niko Toimela
Vice President, Sales and Services

Oden Control AB strengthened its position in Eastern markets

Oden Control AB has been manufacturing electric actuators since 1995. Customers include power plants, paper and pulp mills, water utilities, refineries, the navy and other heavy industries. We make sales to almost all countries in the world. Supplying the Russian market and other Eastern bloc countries has been problematic. The Russian market is growing and the industry is demanding better and higher quality products. Russia is a large country, and it is important to cover the various industries throughout the country so that we can succeed in that market. So our challenge was to get the right documents in place so that we could also sell and export to Russia.

We contacted Markinvest Oy and it was clear from our first contact that we felt that both parties were on the same page. We got the right information and a professional and clear explanation from Markinvest on how to proceed. Obtaining the information needed for an EAC certificate was easy because they knew exactly what was required.

Oden Control AB got the right documents and certifications to ensure that sales and deliveries worked without a hitch in the eastern bloc countries. And, best of all, we received updated information all the time as and when situations changed and new documents were needed. This information is important so that resellers and end customers receive their products on time without any problems. Despite the situation with Covid-19 we have increased our sales. What was originally one of our most difficult tasks for us is now one of the easiest. We now have the right documents to export to Russia and we can be sure that we will always be informed if we need to obtain new certificates or other documents. This saves time and money and avoids difficult situations in export matters with the authorities.

We warmly recommend Markinvest Oy to anyone who needs to correct or update the necessary documents for trouble-free exports to our eastern neighbors without having to spend time and money on ignorant and in some cases completely unscrupulous operators in certification and customs matters. Not having to constantly figure out for ourselves the correct details for each situation allows time to be spent on other important things.

Harri Porttila
CEO, Oden Control AB

gotIT Oy – New contact network and innovation concept

gotIT Oy was founded in 2013, and its main business area is IT consulting and services. IT consulting work has been a big part of our operations, but we have also developed our own products:
– the principal of constructing a robotic dog for use in education: a dog that learns to move in an artificial intelligence environment
– material handling robotics – methods of quality assurance for control unit and object
– the use of artificial intelligence description in packaging of object as well as use of packaging algorithm in robotics.

Together with Markinvest, we have created a network of contacts with educational institutions, development companies and other businesses. We have analyzed the applications and needs of the product ideas and searched for suitable projects and investors. Markinvest has acted as a sparring partner. It has been particularly important that we have enjoyed mutual understanding of the suitability and requirement of the technology for our customers. Bringing a new innovation to market has been challenging. A small business needs a working team to be credible. The partners have a desire to start a new company and take the common cause forward within the established company. Cooperation with Markinvest has worked well and it has been much needed. Their extensive network of contacts has been of immense benefit to us in making new contacts.

Tuomas Sorakivi
CEO, gotIT Oy

Fysioline Production Oy – Investigation of technical obstacles to exporting to the Euraasian markets

Fysioline Production Oy was founded in 2007. Our company develops and manufactures treatment tables e.g. massage and treatment chairs for beauticians. Our newest product group is care and operating tables for small animals. Our main market area is Russia, especially St. Petersburg and Moscow. Work ergonomics and comfort for both the patient and the caregiver are crucial factors in the development of Fysioline products. The look of our changing tables has been fine-tuned to be more stylish than ever before. Each of our tables and chairs is tailored to the client’s personal wishes. Fysioline products have been developed taking into account the different needs of customers and the requirements and regulations of market areas. Each Physiological product is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality requirements, This guarantees the high quality of our products and the safety of the users. Our newest target group is small animal clinics, and products developed for them. To this end, a market study has been conducted with Markinvest:

– mapping of distribution routes: it was determined with whom Fysioline Production should negotiate cooperation
– Purchasing methods were clarified: through which channel our products will reach the buyer from the factory (importer, end user)?
– a preliminary study on technical obstacles to export: e.g. registration, certification and declaration by the Ministry of Health – what their acquisition required and cost factors.

Following the market research, business opportunities have been reviewed and a growth and internationalization plan has been prepared. Markinvest is easy to work with because they understand how an SME works and how they think about it. We have looked together at the cost considerations and for cost reasons registration with the Ministry of Health has not yet begun. However, the required ISO certification has already been obtained.

Mika Ora
CEO, Fysioline Production Oy

IWAKI Nordic Group – Turnkey certification services from Markinvest Oy

Iwaki was founded by Japanese engineer Yoshiaki Fujinaka in 1856. In Denmark Iwaki started in the 1970s. IWAKI Pumper A/S was established in 1992 and at the very beginning of the following year a first subsidiary was established in Sweden. The following year the company expanded into Finland and Norway. In 1999 the name of the Company was changed to “IWAKI Nordic.”

IWAKI Finland is responsible for exports to all of the Euraasian markets.

The company’s programme includes products for the handling of corrosive, flammable and toxic substances, which also includes pumps. Markinvest became involved in the company’s operations in 2017 and in 2018 succeeded in obtaining an EAC Declaration for the pumps. Today, Markinvest is part of the company’s value chain and in addition to certification are responsible for technical translations and where necessary deal with the demands of the end clients in Russia. Markinvest recognizes and takes into account the end client’s perspective and is able to help them speedily. They have kept their promises. Our products are made for special circumstances and in light of this Markinvest has also been able to find needed solutions. During the term of our cooperation we have learned to trust in their professional expertise as well as their efficiency as a small and flexible business.

Kimmo Huuskonen
Country Manager, Partner, IWAKI Finland Oy

Pekka Haavisto design – Market Research in Japan

I sold my construction business in 2019 and wanted thereafter to do something completely different. For several years I had pondered the possibilities of supplying Finnish wood products to the Japanese market. In this connection I contacted several public service companies but without results. By coincidence a Pirkanmaa regional “Enterprise Boost” project was launched and through this came into contact with Markinvest. Together we went through my ideas. Markinvest assessed my export readiness and we decided to conduct a market research in Japan. We explored how my ideas would meet the Japanese culture, traditional purchasing practices and existing competitors, their products, methods and price level as well as any possible obstacles to export.

On the basis of the market research we decided to create a strategy for undertaking an international outreach, goals and budget and we selected suitable products and branding. We further looked at the development of packaging and how to minimize transport costs.

Markinvest demonstrated their professionalism as we worked together and I can recommend their company to anyone wanting to reach world markets with a new idea. Practical measures have been taken to take the matter forward. Our budget is relatively small and for this reason we monitor carefully the impact of all of our efforts.

Pekka Haavisto
Entrepreneur, Pekka Haavisto Design