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EAC documents are certificates of conformity – either a certificate or an assurance of conformity – a declaration

The EAC certificate or declaration allows the use of the EAC mark on the product, label and packaging and in all relevant documents.

The contract documents may use different entries on the same subject: GOST, EAC, TR CU or TR EAEU. The EAC, TR CU certificate and declaration can be issued for products manufactured in the territory of the Eurasian Union and for products of foreign manufacturers. However, only a company registered in the customs union can apply for a certificate.

Application for the EAC, TR CU certificates and / or declarations can only be made after all other documents, required for certification, have been completed.

Test reports must be drawn up and registered before the certificate and / or declaration. Other documents such as Safety Case, Technical Passport and User Manual must be completed before registering the certificate and declaration.

All documents must be in Russian, certified with the applicants signature and stamp and uploaded to the certification system.

Markinvest Certification Services – Enables smooth exports

We have had a long and diverse knowledge of certification and experience with Russia and the Customs Union, working with several hundred companies from Finland and Sweden.

1. Preliminary investigation
Analysis of certification needs and optimal solutions
We make an analysis of our client’s certification needs and provide a recommendation o certification options, an explanation of necessary documents, tests and other requirements as well as needed documents and certificates.

2. Certification process
We deliver the certificate on a turnkey basis.
We help our clients by making the process reliable, easy, simple and flexible:
– EAC certification
– EAC declaration
– Tests and inspections required for certification
– Standard documents, Technical Passport, Safety Case, User Manual
– Other required certificates

3. For certification consultancy services, contact us now.
Our consulting services include a free advisory service, company-specific certification training, preliminary investigation and report on certification, technical passport, safety case, user manual, contact with customs, customs broker and end customer.

Certification steps, company and product information

1. stage – preliminary investigation
– product title and CN-reference (customs code)
– technical information of product (brochure, instructions for use, etc.)

2. stage – application for certificate
– certification application
– existing certificates
– test reports
– all technical documents mentioned in the TR CU (User manual, Passport, Safety Case, etc.)
– priduction inspection, long term certification

3. stage – release of certificate

EAC certification and declaration

The Customs Union has drawn up a list of products that must be certified.

For products that are not on the Customs Union’s “Compulsory Certified Products” list, national certification regulations are followed, such as Russia’s GOST R. In the absence of any official regulation, we recommend applying for a “Letter of exception” for customs and clients.

The same EAC certificate of conformity (EAC) or EAC declaration of conformity (declaration) is valid in all countries of the Customs Union. The Technical Regulations of the Customs Union are in line with European systems.

The period of validity of the certificate and declaration may be 1-5 years. A delivery-specific certificate is also possible.

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Technical regulations TR CU

Documents according to standards

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