Standard documents include the Technical Passport, Basis of
Safety and Instructions for Use

EAC certification requires documents such as Technical Passport, Safety Case and Instructions for Use. These must be prepared in accordance with the required standards and in the Russian language. Markinvest will determine the documentary needs and can nake them for client companies according to the required standards or assist the company in making them.

Technical Passport for machinery and equipment in Russian

The Technical Passport must be provided for all machinery and equipment which is delivered to Russia. The Technical Passport must be made in accordance with the applicable GOST R standard and norms.

Contents of the Technical Passport:

1. general instructions
2. basic information and technical data of the device, e.g. information on certification
3. device contents
4. service life, shelf life, manufacturers warranty
5. storage
6. packing certificate
7. certificate of manufacture (the device has been manufactured and is usable)
8. Instructions for use
9. information about the life of the device (use, transfer, etc.)
10. information on maintenance, repairs, inspections
11. Complaints
12. Disposal considerations
13. other information.

Safety Case, the basis for safety in Russian

The Safety Case is a mandatory document in the context of Customs Union certification TR CU 010 “Safety of machinery and equipment” and TR CU 032 “Safety of equipment under overpressure” which the manufacturer (applicant for a certificate) must submit to the certification body. The Safety Case must be provided to the customer if the customer so requests. Rostekhnadzor (commissioning authority) often requires a Safety Case.

Normally, the Safety Criterion includes:

1. basic technical data of the product
2. general principles of product safety
3. requirements for the reliability and safety of the equipment
4. requirements for user staff
5. analysis of the risks associated with the use of the equipment
6. safety requirements during the commissioning stage
7. safety control requirements when using the product
8. quality control requirements for safe use
9. environmental control requirements during the commissioning, operation and recycling stages
10. requirements for the collection and analysis of safety-related information during the
commissioning, use and recycling stage
11. safety requirements during the recycling stage

Instructions for use / User manual – in Russian

During the certification process the User Manual is a compulsory document. Instructions for use are required to be in Russian. Manufacturers often neglect to take into account the EAC certification requirments in the user manual.

User manual / Instructions for use should contain the following:

1. information about the structures, operating principles and characteristics of the machine or equipment
2. instructions for installation or assembly, commissioning and adjustment, maintenance and repair
3. instructions for the use of the machinery and / or equipment and the safety measures to be observed when using the machinery and / or equipment, including commissioning, correct operation and maintenance, any repairs, periodic diagnostics, testing, transport, packaging and method of storage as well as storage conditions
4. named data (designated retention period, specified service life and / or allocated resources)
5. at the end of the specified service life (specified resources, lifespan, etc.), the machine and / or equipment must be taken out of service and a decision must be made on repairs, disposal, inspection and re-use.
6. risk analysis: list of serious errors as well as possible mishandling by staff which can lead to an incident or accident
7. measures to be undertaken by personnel in the event of a breakdown, critical breakdown or accident
8. criteria governing the circumstances of machine/equipment malfunction
9. decommissioning and disposal instructions
10. information about the qualifications of operating personnel

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