What is the EAC mark and why is it important?

The EAC is a verification that the product on which it is displayed has been certified and fulfills the EAC (TR CU/TR EAEU) requirements. EAC is an abbreviation for Eurasian Conformity or its equivalent. The EAC mark should be affixed to the product before customs clearance. In the event that the manufacturer has not fulfilled their responsibility to do so outside the EAEU, this responsibility then falls upon their authorized representative or ultimately the importer.


The EAC mark and its usage

Certified products must bear the EAC mark when they are destined for any of the Eurasian Customs
Union markets, i.e. Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan or Armenia.

The EAC mark must be visibly and permanently affixed to the product. If the mark cannot be affixed to the product itself, it may be included in the packaging. The EAC mark must be included in the instruction manual and other documents.

The EAC mark consists of a combination of the three letters “E”, “A” and “C”. The mark must have a distinctive background. The instructions on the size of the mark do not specify the dimensions of the mark but the basic size must be at least 5 mm. The letters must be rectangular and the width and height of the character must be the same. Display of the EAC mark may be either positive or negative (see below). In all cases, the EAC mark must be visible to the customer and the authorities at the time of purchase and import into the territory of the Customs Union. The use of the mark is strictly prohibited if the certification has not been completed and the relevant certificate has not been issued

EAC EX mark
The EAC EX mark must be used on products covered by regulation TR CU 012/2011 for hazardous areas. The mark can be used once the EAC EX (TR CU 012) certificate has been issued.

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