Succeeding in company exports and internationalization

As the business becomes more established in international markets, the company must take into account the growth potential of exports and / or invest in indirect exports. Starting an international business is a long process that requires financial resources and expertise in international operations. A prerequisite for success in the international market is a clear overseas development plan as well as adequate knowledge of the target area, its operating methods, culture, values ​​and demands which can differ significantly from those of domestic trade.

International trade is different from domestic trade

There are always risks associated with a company’s international development, such as  financial risks, as costs are often higher and revenue generation slower than expected. Barriers to export may include regulations and regulatory requirements that impede trade in goods and services, such as divergent standards, inspection, testing or certification demands.

Markinvests services for launching and expanding Russian exports

Internationalization offers the company new opportunities, more potential markets and the opportunity to increase turnover. In the international business development plan, the company must take into account both the strategy and the concrete steps needed to achieve international growth, market selection and the localized needs of the product range.

International Business Development Plan

Markinvest Oy will play devil’s advocate with the company’s management as the company prepares for international business development and plans to enter new markets. Sparring targets may include market knowledge of the intended target area, the need for market research, an international business development strategy as well as concrete agreements and trade.

International business development services:

  1. Export readiness
    market knowledge and resources, SWOT analysis, market research
  2. International business development plan
    strategy, sketching an export business idea, choice of export format and sales channels.
  3. Business contacts and negotiations
    getting a feel for the market and customers, clarifying the export business idea, market
    dominance, products, sales channels, customers and influencing the market
  4. Daily activities
    gaining experience through small trade, updating strategy

Analysis is the basis of international business development

The starting point for international business development planning is the setting of strategic goals for the companys operations and ensuring sufficient financial and physical resources. The choice of export method is an important decision as it plays a major role in other export activities and costs in the company. Exports and international business development should be carefully planned step by step. The steps of export and international business development form the basis for planned progression. The SWOT analysis summary helps to outline the main concrete measures of the plan.

Markinvest’s export services

The development of sales and marketing through electronic media opens a new flexible and fast channel for companies to develop business in the Russian market. Now it is easy and effortless to export business to business products to Russia, because it is possible to handle the entire logistics chain and customs clearance with us.

The services of a shrot term export manager can be a solution to your company’s resource needs. Certification is required when trading on a business-to-business basis. The certification service provided by Markinvest has optimized the need for certification for several hundred companies since 1993. The logistics services provided by Markinvest include sample delivery, e-commerce delivery, technical exports, negotiations with recipients and possible handling problems in Russian customs.

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