Exporting to Russia needs the best products and sales team

From the exporters point of view, Russia is a challenging market area, because in Russia the seller is likely to meet almost all the worlds competitors. In Russian trade personal relationships are important. Well known products with an EAC certificate or declaration are purchased from trustworthy suppliers.

In addition, exporters must provide references for deliveries to companies valued by the buyer. Product maintenance and spare parts operations must be arranged in Russia.

In a competitive situation, the starting point of the Finnish seller and product is good as Finnish partners are trusted and believed to honour their agreements.

Start and expansion of exports in Russia

When exporting to Russia, the company must take into account the international business plan, market selection and the localized needs of the product range.

Export opportunities, certification needs and customer backgrounds must be clarified in advance.

A change in the negotiator of a Russian client can cause the project to slow down or stop altogether. Previous written agreements may no longer apply. The company must also decide what kind of organization the company will start operating with in Russia.

Our recommendation is to create the beat team for the intended purposes.

Markinvests Russian export and trade service concept

Markinvest has unique experience in Russian trade over almost 30 years. Markinvest has managed to open markets in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other parts of Russia to hundreds of Finnish companies and their products.

In almost three decades, a successful Russian trade concept has emerged that can be used successfully with new export companies and also with companies wanting to expand their existing exports.

An export company can achieve better results faster in Russia by partnering together with Markinvest. 

Markinvests consulting services for Finnish and Swedish export companies for Russian exports:

1. Benchmark
2. Distributor and key customer search
3. Search for a retail network
4. Developing projects
5. Public relations
6. Certification

Post Marketing and Technical Exports to Russia

Product maintenance and spare parts operations must be arranged in Russia. We will look for a suitable network for maintenance and spare parts service. We can assist in making service agreements from individual maintenance work to a full partnership. We can also arrange technical export certification, customs clearance and delivery to Russia.

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