New opportunities in Russia

Digital sales and marketing opens a channel for companies to penetrate international markets. It is a flexible, fast and affordable way to reach customers in Russia, make your product known and increase sales.

Markinvests goal is to help Finnish and Swedish export companies enter the Russian market. E-commerce is a viable solution in B2C trade, when deliveries go directly to the customer. Trade between companies is not that simple because
 here are a few barriers to exports.

New solutions for Russia, – Markinvests business model for cross-border cooperation

With the aid of Business Finland Funding Services Markinvest has developed a cross border business model that makes possible B2B E-Commerce with Russia and which overcomes associated import and export obstacles.

In addition, our secondary development project aim has been to develop a product that will allow us to access the Swedish market.

Markinvest’s business model will help both old and new export companies to succeed despite the ill fortune of the corona virus crisis and especially after that to boost growth.

Case Study 1
A company has a Russian client, who wants to purchase its products delivered, Customs cleared, in Russia together with necessary certification and pay in Russian currency (rubles). How can this problem be resolved?

Case Study 2
A Finnish company learns that a project will be forthcoming in Russia for which it believes its products will be eminently suitable. How can the supplier be enabled to offer their solutions?

Case Study 3
Markinvests Russian team has a project for which the client organization wants know-how from Finland and / or Europe. Markinvests task is to find the experts and technologies needed for the project. How can a company get involved?

Case Study 4
A Russian company has discovered competetive products from an online Swedish company which it would like to bring to its own brick and mortar store in St Petersburg. How can this opportunity be realized?

Case Study 5
A Russian company is ordering machines and equipment from a suppliers website, but due to the language problem, the deal is collapsing. How to save the trade and bring it “home”?

Markinvests business model for cross-border cooperation

Take a look at the picture below, and if you recognize a place for your business, please contact us. In Russia we already have teams in Karelia / Petrozavodsk and
Northwest Russia / St. Petersburg. The expansion of the team field is subject to negotiation.


Business and needs – right now – CONTACT US!

Industrial water treatment
Right now, we are working on an industrial water treatment project. Our team is dealing with the problems of a few large Russian facilities and we are eager to start negotiations with Finnish and / or European suppliers, who could assist in the design to conduct the work together, or alone.

Promoting the company and its products in Russia – development program

A Russian client is seeking information about search engines, company websites and online trade. Central to their purpose is determining product competitiveness, the localisation of websites and online trade, making them known in Russia and visitor tracking.

Determining a company’s export readiness:

  • We study the possibilities for products in Russia and draw conclusions
  • We define resources, risks, vision
  • We prepare a SWOT summary, success factors and conclusions
  • We create goals, especially from the perspective of development needs
  • We assist in the development of an e-sales & marketing plan as well as customer monitoring. We place the product in special catalogs and marketplaces in its field.

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