Data protection statement in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR, 2016/679). Updated 7/8/2020.

Register keeper

Markinvest Oy
Business ID: 0592474-7
Karjalankatu 35A, 15150 Lahti

Contact person for register matters
Pekka Peltonen: +358 40 9000 322
Email: pekka.peltonen (at)

Name of Register

Markinvest Ltd. customer, marketing and recruitment register

Purpose of processing personal data

We process personal information in order to provide our services, products and job opportunities in the best possible way. Personal data is processed for customer relationship management and analysis, making offers, providing and monitoring services, invoicing services, managing and processing job applications, business development and planning, and customer communication, which can also be accomplished electronically and in a targeted manner.

Data content of the Register

The data stored in the register is obtained from the customer e.g. Messages sent via web forms, e-mail, telephone, via social media services, contracts, customer meetings and other situations in which the customer discloses their information.

The following data is stored in the register:

basic information (name, contact information, organization) information related to transactions on our website (incl. cookies) contact complaints or inquiries

Retention time of personal data

We only retain personal information for as long as is deemed necessary for the purposes described herewith. Some information may be retained for a longer period of time if its retention is prescribed by separate legislation (incl. The Accounting Act) or if it is deemed necessary for the legitimate interests of Markinvest Ltd. Customer information is retained until the end of the customer relationship, primarily in accordance with customer agreements.

Regulated sources of information

Register data sources include: client provided information; basic data (name, contact information. organization), contacts made through our customer services; other data sources such as Google Analytics and its third party application MailChimp Leadfeeder; social media channels throigh which we can purchase third party data, which complements our client data (incl. those maintained by public authorities, public registers).

Cookies and other similar technology

Regulated disclosure of date Data may be disclosed to authorized third parties where it is deemed necessary or essential for processing in accordance with laws applicable to business development and reporting; data concerning specific individuals may not be released to authorities or identified in connection with suspected criminal activity. Data of job applicants may be released for suitability assessments in the case of individual recruitments. Data may be provided to prospective purchasers in connection with possible mergers or company acquisitions or company reorganization.

Data transfer outside the EU or the EEA

Data collected by MailChimp electronic marketing application as well as by Google Analytics may be transferred outside the EU or the EEA areas. The companies hosting these applications are committed to the EU-US Privacy Shield – data protection system. In other respects, data will not be transferred outside the EU or the EEA unless it is necessary for the work of the client and permission has been obtained from them in this respect.

Principles of Register Protection

We ensure that data in the registers is protected by appropriate technical and organizationalsafeguards. We protect information with various physical and electronic methods as well as staff training and instructions. However, transmitting data over a public network (internet) is never completely secure. While we make every effort to protect the information in the registers by all reasonable means, we cannot guarantee the security of the information submitted to our site, and it is the responsibility of the sender to do so. Once we have received data, we strive to prevent unauthorized access to the registers through our security policies and technical protection.

Rights to inspection and correction

Every person named in the register has the right to check the information stored about him or her in the register and to request the correction of any incorrect information or the completion of incomplete information. If a person wishes to check or request the rectification of data stored about him or her, the request must be sent in writing to the data controller. The controller will respond to the customer within the timeframe set out in the EU Data Protection Regulation (generally within one month). Markinvest Ltd is obliged to verify the identity of the data subject in order to respond to the above requests for information. If necessary, Markinvest Oy may, therefore, ask the applicant to prove his or her identity.

Amendment of the Privacy Statement

Markinvest is constantly developing its business and therefore reserves the right to make changes to this privacy statement. Amendments may also be based on changes in legislation. It is therefore recommended that the contents of this privacy statement be read from time to time.