September 10, 2021

We believe that in today’s challenging conditions, a solvent and reliable partner is pivotal to serving the needs of our customers, our employees and our stakeholders.

Markinvest recently received a AAA credit rating, which has only been granted to 3% of Finnish companies.

In addition to the AAA rating, Markinvest has been granted the Lowest Credit Risk class 1 certificate. Both the credit rating and the certificate were granted for 2021. 

The AAA rating, which is granted annually, can be given to a company with particularly strong financial indicators, a good background and payment history and a sufficient operational volume. 

The AAA rating and the Lowest Credit Risk certificate are granted by the credit data company Bisnode Finland Oy.

‘For us, achieving this credit rating has inherent value because it enables us to participate in bidding processes. It is a recognition of our good financial policies, sensible and realistic attitude and conscientious work.’ 

‘Markinvest was hit hard by the financial slump that began in 2008 and lasted for a long time. Just when we got through that, sanctions were imposed against Russia in 2014 and they are still in place.

And of course, this COVID-19 pandemic is another huge bump in the road.’

‘We are proud of how our long-term customers have trusted our ability to operate throughout these times and have recommended us to new customers in Finland, Sweden, the UK and Russia. Thank you.’

‘We are seeking growth in new areas. We have created a CBC concept that we believe will bring results as early as next year.’ 

Markinvest is a competent, reliable and responsible partner for your company.

Markinvest Oy

Pekka Peltonen, CEO