January 27, 2021


The training is intended primarily for Russia importers and subcontractors. During the training we inform the company, how to apply for the EAC certificate, what documents the company needs for the delivery and introduction (of products) into the Russian Federation and the Euraasian Economic Union (EAEU) area.

Training Content:
An analysis of the company’s certification needs, preliminary work
We familiarize ourselves with the company’s products, distribution and special features. The handling of certification issues with the company’s staff

The Russian Ministry for Trade; Industry; the Ministry for Economic Development have issued additional temporary instructions as a result of the pandemic caused by the corona virus (Covid-19)

  • TR CU Certificate and Declaration
  • Certification tests and proceedings
  • Production inspection
  • Industrial Safety Analysis, :”hazardous industrial sites”
  • Safety basis, Safety Case
  • Technical Passport and documents, GOST requirements
  • EAC mark, TR requirements

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