January 27, 2021


According to the Russian Government ruling No. 300, 21.03.2019, Rosakkredreditation (General Certification Office) has the right to cancel certificates and declarations if they have been made incorrectly or in violation of the requirements.

In principle, the General Certification Office has the right to invalidate all certification documents issued by a certification body or laboratory, even if Company A certificates have been made correctly, but Company B certificates have been made in violation of the requirements.

What is the issue with regard to the removal of documents and why should we pay attention to it? 

The purpose is to remove certification documents that have been made without following the necessary methods, measures and steps.

For example, all certification formats (methods) involve and require testing and test reports must be stored in the certification system. If they are missing, the question arises as to whether testing was ever performed.


Samples must be imported for the purpose of testing. A Customs Declaration must be made for the importation, if there is none, then, this raises the question whether the sample was imported and how.

The need for documentation concerns also production inspection. When the certification method requires production inspection it must be documented (AKT for the inspection itself and official documents of the travel – travel order, tickets, visa, etc.,)

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