The Technical Passport, Safety Case and User Manual are compulsory parts of the documentation for machinery and equipment exported to the Eurasian Customs Union.

The EAC, TR CU, TR EAEU Certificate and/or Declaration of Conformity can only be registered once all the other documents required for certification, such as the Technical Passport, Safety Case and User Manual, have been completed.

How do I prepare the Technical Passport, Safety Case and User Manual?

Pursuant to GOST-standards, these documents must be written in Russian. If the company wants to have the documents additionally in other languages, for example, in English or Swedish, this is possible.

If you are exporting machines and devices to the Eurasian Customs Union, i.e., to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan or Armenia, Markinvest can help your company with the preparation and checking of documents required under the GOST-standards.Read more about the documentation required by the GOST-standards:

Documentation pursuant to the GOST-standards 

TR CU Technical Regulations of the Customs Union, requirements pertaining to technical documents:

  • ‘The safety of machinery and equipment’ (TR CU 010) -article 4, section 8.
  • ‘The safety of low-voltage equipment’ (TR CU 004) -article 5, sections 1 and 4.
  • ‘The electromagnetic compatibility of technical devices’ (TR CU 020) -article 5, sections 1 and 4.
  • ‘The safety of pressure equipment’ (TR CU 032) – part IV. Articles 16–23
  • ‘The safety of equipment used in potentially explosive environments’ (TR CU 012/2011) -article 4, section 6

Several GOST-standards pertain to user documentation and related requirements, for example, GOST R 2.601-2019.

Technical Passport

The Technical Passport is a document intended for the customer. It must be included in the delivery documents, where it is available to the customs and other supervisory authorities. It must provide the main technical data and operating features of the machinery or equipment. The Technical Passport must be available throughout the entire life cycle of the machinery or equipment. The manufacturer must prepare the Technical Passport in line with the GOST-standards. 

The document must be prepared separately for each machine or device and serial number. The Technical Passport must include information on the manufacturer’s warranty, technical parameters, product certification and the disposal of the machine and comprehensive information on its assembly, commissioning and maintenance. The Technical Passport contains fields for any changes made to the machine that must be recorded in the document: modernisation, alterations, replaced parts, repair and welding work. Further information on the Technical Passport:

Safety Case, or Safety Justification

The Safety Case is required when the Technical Regulation TR CU 010 On the safety of machinery and equipment or TR CU 032. On the safety of pressure equipment applies to machinery or equipment.  During the certification process, the manufacturer must prepare the Safety Case prior to the registration of the EAC-certificate or declaration. 

The Safety Case must be delivered to the customer or to Rostekhnadzor (the relevant supervisory body) if this is requested. The Safety Case is always prepared for a single device or series, and it contains an analysis of potential risks and technical data on the measures required to ensure the safety of the machine.  Read more about the Safety Case:

The Manual, and GOST and TR CU EAC requirements 

The manual is also required for customs union certification. It must be made available in paper format in Russian and possibly in the official language of the member state in question.  Manufacturers typically prepare their user manuals without taking the EAC certification requirements into account. 

EAC requirements for the manual

The manual must comply with standards GOST R 54121-2010, GOST R 2.601-2019 and 2.610-2006 and the Eurasian Economic Union’s Technical regulations TR CU 010/2011 On the safety of machinery and equipment and TR CU 032/2013 On the safety of pressure equipment.  An essential feature of the manual is the safety guidelines, which must be easy for the user to find and view. The Manual must contain information on the manufacturer and the importer and their addresses. Read more about the manual:

What is the EAC certification label and the machine plate pursuant to the technical requirement (TR)?

Each product certified pursuant to the Eurasian Custom Union’s technical regulations must be marked with the EAC-label.

The EAC-mark and the machine plate must be visible throughout the machine’s service life. Pursuant to TR CU 010/2011 requirements, machines and equipment must be marked clearly with an easy-to-read, permanent plate that carries identifying information: the manufacturer, the address and the machine name, the serial number, the machine type and model and the manufacturing date. 

Each technical regulation specifies the information that must be provided on the machine plate.

Markinvest’s EAC certification services

EAC certification project and process

  • preliminary survey, analyses of certification needs and optimal certification solution
  • we deliver the certificate on a turnkey basis. Preparation of documents, testing, production inspections and documents, delivery of the completed certificate and annual inspection

Documentation required by the EAC/TR/GOST-standard

  • Technical Passport, Safety Case, Manual 
  • technical translations

Company-specific EAC certification training

  • preliminary analysis of the company and its situation and targets, planning and provision of training and monitoring

Certification support services ON-LINE

  • we guide and advise on certification matters
  • we will update your certification information
  • we assist in designing a competitive certification and export strategy
  • we do market research, look for new customers and partners
  • we recommend a certification process agreement

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