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EAC  Certification & declaration
tr cu / tr eaeu

The EAC certifcate is the most important certifcate required when products are exported to Eurasian Union countries:(Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Kazakhstan). EAC certificates and declarations can be issued for the products of foreign manufacturers.

Certificates from markinvest

Markinvest can provide your company with all necessary certificates. In our preliminary study we set out in advance the costs that will be incurred by companies planning for export and certifcation. We will provide all the needed documentation, tests and other measures for the certifcation options. 

Russian Gost r certificates

Russian GOST R conformity certification is a compulsory system for the certification of products that permits their access to the Russian market and their sale in Russia. GOST R may apply to products that are not on the Customs Union´s mandatory certification list.

National certificates

When exporting products to Kazakhstan or Belarus national regulations are followed. This means GOST K for Kazakhstan and BelCT for Belarus if the product to be certified does not have the technical specifications needed by the Customs Union for the issuance of an EAC certificate

Consultancy services for certification

Consultancy services are available both with and without cost. Traditional advice is without cost. Where as payable preliminary research is absolutely essential for certification needs. Typical needs include:

  • The exporting company is preparing an offer and wants information on the need for certification, requirements and prices to support the offer
  • A company planning to export to Russia needs for information about the certification of the export product and export procedures
  • A project developer has substantial export product for wich he needs expert certification training

Why is certification needed?

Customs clearance and for sales. The EAC certificate is an official document that confirms the conformity, quality & safety of goods. There are two types of EAC documents:

1. Certificate i.e. certificate of conformity
2. Declaration or a declaration of conformity.

If the product is not governed by technical regulations from the Customs Union, then national regulations are followed i.e. GOST R for Russia ; GOST K Kazakhstan & Bel CT for Belarus

What is the EAC mark and why is it important?

The EAC mark is a certification mark – that the product is certified for the Eurasian Union market (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia). The EAC mark must be visibly and permanently affixed to the product. If the mark cannot be affixed to the product itself it may be included in the packaging. The EAC mark must be included in the instructions for use and other documents.

The EAC EX mark must be used on those products governed by TR CU 012/2011 – for use in hazardous conditions. The mark can be used when EAC EX (TR CU 012) certificate has been issued.


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